Every human being is connected on an ancient Pattern with every Creator who explodes Universes to sustain the very essence of existence itself. We are One with this Universe, in the same notion we are One with our Creator. We are Creators in the making, learning the fine arts of construction and deconstruction through our Universal learning environment. We are connected and perfectly harmonious with every Creator who exists throughout the multiverse, every Creator who existed in the past, and every Creator who has yet to be birthed within Creation.
The Pattern is so incredibly powerful, we are connected on such a profound level that every single life within this Universe has been accounted for in a self-sustaining, self-replicating, evolving model of ascension till Beings arise with a significantly forbidden power to re-model Creation themselves.
To think how many endless trillions of universes are all coexisting with each other. To try and comprehend how each and every single one of them flow in perfect harmony with every single soul in an extraordinary projection of self-awareness. And to think this entire model was thought into place within a split second– everything including the universes that alternate the Pattern into a whole new inconceivable modus of existence upwards back into Unconditional Love.
The Pattern is stunning to look at, it humbles your soul into enlightenment just trying to conceive the beauty of your soul. It’s so overwhelming, it’s beautiful to even be alive. Welcome to Life.


We are every single one of us a part of Creation. We go beyond this singular lifetime. We go beyond the vicissitudes of Life and Death. We are the eternal life force that guides us and protects us every single second of our existence. Our Universal body is made up of so much complexity, and yet can be over-simplified into the true heart of Oneness.
If you believe you are alive, it means that you believe you are everything that is; for it is impossible to be anything other than the Universe from whence you came. A singular energy multiplying in trillions of directions; growing, evolving, reproducing, spreading further and further in every conceivable direction. ALL OF IT stemming from a singular Source. We are still connected to this Source, in the same way that we are still connected to all that is.
We are a product of Creation. We continue to exist as a product of Creation. We never stop. Even the Creators are but pieces to a multiverse jig-saw that was birthed from an even Higher Source. We are the entirety of Creation with every single breath, we are the entirety of all that is with every ounce of love we feel.
Why do we externalize our power by believing we are just a human being, insignificant and meaningless like a grain of sand?
Value yourself, you are worth so much more than you currently believe.


What would you do if you found out that you were not from Earth? Would you freak out? Would you even believe me? It could impact your life on such a grand scale that you would start contemplating the Universe on a completely different level. You are in for a shock!

96% of every single person who is alive today on planet Earth has spent time within the reincarnation system of another planet. What I am telling you is that only 4% of human beings actually come from here. Sure your body was born on Earth, but your soul has origins well into other Star systems. In order to be classified a true Earth Spirit, you would of had to ascend right through the 2nd Dimension (plants/animals/insects) and into the 3rd Dimension (human beings) here on planet Earth. Only 4% have actually done this. The other 96% spent the first part of the Universal Cycle (1st/2nd Dimensions) in the Universal learning environments of other planets. In other words, 96% of us are Starseeds.

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a soul that has spent some part of their conscious Universal Cycle in reincarnation systems external to that found on Earth. In time, just about every conscious Being in this Universe will become a Starseed if you are not classified as one already. A majority have roots going back to Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, and a particularly Dark few from Orion. Some people have even progressed into the 3rd Dimension on those other planets and have only come to Earth for the sole reason of Ascending into the 4th/5th Dimension. The biggest problem is that so few people can remember where they came from and it isn’t exactly “our” fault. Our DNA has holes in it. It is incomplete. A complete DNA sequence would allow us to remember previous lives by simply meditating upon them. This opens a much much more streamlined self-realization process and truly productive society that advances far quickly than what we are currently achieving. We are instead only receiving choppy bits and pieces of information that kind of feel like something we used to know; however nothing on the level that we can do anything productive with. Welcome to Earth.

What is an Earth Spirit?

An Earth Spirit is a soul who has reincarnated in the 2nd Dimension on Earth and is now living within a 3rd Dimensional body. Since Earth Spirits have been incarnating here for hundreds of thousands of years, they have a very close bond with Mother Earth (Gaia) for the simple reason that they have had enough time to develop this unique bond by living within her harmonious wildlife and nature constructs. I have personally witnessed this bond in true Earth Spirits time and time again. This powerful energetic connection allows them to feel the planet’s soul and understand the true nature of living a harmonious existence. Sometimes they can even remember or have very special connections to certain species of animals, due to incarnating as one of those species.

How can I tell if I am an Earth Spirit?

You are either connected to Gaia or you’re not. Earth Spirits are REALLY connected to Gaia. They respect Gaia so much that they become extremely inspired to protect her in any way they can. They do this because they can feel her existence as a part of themselves. They are One with her.

What should be happening on this planet is a powerful energetic connection between each and every individual and the soul of the planet we are living on. A planetary bond exists when the soul of the planet accepts the nature of its inhabitants as beneficial enough to support. If it doesn’t support us, it doesn’t connect with us. And Gaia is not connected to 96% of us! There also exist certain planets with Dark forms of consciousness who only like Dark inhabitants. Gaia is however polarized to the Light. The problem with all the Starseeds is that they are a mixed bag of consciousness– really out of tune with the naturally shifting energies of this planet. It is very hard to make a connection with a volatile soul who is here one moment and then gone in a flash!

Unfortunately, I fall into the 96%. I don’t have a really deep soul connection to Gaia. How can I tell? I’m not a hardcore environmentalist who would kill my self to save Mother Earth. Though I hate animal cruelty– I don’t hold up “save the penguins” signs nor am I chaining myself to trees. I Love Gaia as the incredibly powerful Being that allowed me to be here and serves as the Enlightened consciousness of this place, but my true soul ties lay elsewhere. I am a true Starseed. But do you know what? So are 96% of you. With this realization, we can now stop fishing around forums asking everybody if they are a Starseed like we are– there is a 96% chance they most likely are.


So you just figured out that you are not really from here. Old souls will suddenly understand why they feel so alienated, even though their core beliefs are that of Oneness and Universal connection. I have been incarnating here for 5000 years and it still doesn’t feel like home. Starseeds have a much harder time operating as a result of them not connecting with the soul of the planet and effectively being alienated by the developing society they came here to help. Normally a beautiful exchange of energies takes place that allows us access to Unconditional Love, while the soul of the planet gains beautiful inhabitants aligned with its goals– whether that be cycling Dark/Light energy back into the core like a tree converting carbon dioxide, or creating advanced civilizations to nurture God-self realization.

As a Starseed the most beneficial route is to achieve God-self realization so we can effectively rid the need to be Galactic exchange students any longer. We have powerful realizations as how the world should be unfolding around us, and yet the pathways humanity seems to be taking can frustrate the most enlightened amongst us. It is therefore pivotal that the individual focuses on their own Unconditional Love and grounds their spiritual ascension into the blossoming of awakening souls across the planet. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what’s important is that we are all going the same way.

One big happy inter-Galactic family

No matter which way you look at it, we were all created from the same Source. We haven’t met a lot of our family before, but that’s Ok because we will very likely come across them at some point of time in the future. There are some members of our family that are highly educated and harmonious, and there are other members who value drama. A dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless.



Whether we are from Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades, Drakonis, or the Moon– we as ancient souls stick together or fall apart a failed mission. We are enlightened. We are God. We are Unconditional Love and we are the Oneness of the Multiverse like our lives depended on it.


Do you think you contemplated coming into this Universe?
What if I told you that you had the consciousness of eternity before deciding to incarnate here? The amount of weight placed upon our decisions echoes across our entire Universal lives like ripples bouncing off the walls of our realization.
There was a time, before our movement, that we were so humbled by Creation and thought of being part of Life that we chose to come here. So inspiring were the tales and adventures, like millions of stories we had yet to explore. We came here to help this Creator.
We are living Creation into reality. We are painting our masterpiece every single second. We are Giants in an an endless puzzle, that when completed we find ourselves looking back down on Creation. Every decision we made, was perfect in every possible way.

“Live your life without doubt or worry, roam without sin; like an elephant walking through the jungle.”


The laws of this Creation are bound by a Duality. There exists a natural balance between both Light and Dark. A mirror image of the constructive nature of Creation is reflected in the deconstructive chaos that ensues. Construction and deconstruction are as natural as the Sun rising in the morning or the Moon setting at night. Even our organic ecosystem flows through both dualities; similar to how trees shed leaves in order to make room for the new growth in spring.
Our human body polarizes to a balancing scale of Light and Dark on a continual basis. We may resonate Dark some days and other days Light. We reflect the consciousness we live in. Where we consistently spend the majority of our time, determines whether we would rather construct or deconstruct our environment around us. There is nothing wrong with this. There is no such thing as sin, only the perceived sustainability of our actions helping or hindering the world we live in.
Creation itself has a shadow Creation. The dark black clockwork of a near non-existent Universe that mirrors our own. One is never out of place from the other. Perfect balance allows them both to exist simultaneously.
Which is the more profound; The Universe where we believe in physical reality, or the one where we never knew it existed?


We live on a substructure of Light known as the Universe. For every main branch there exists sub-branches that continue to keep evolving and growing deep within the fabric of matter and time like tree roots spreading through the aeons in an ever revolving cycle of love and hate. Every living thing, every Universal Being, every essence of God is connected to one another through a soul lineage that stems back to the Original Seed. You could travel far and wide, invent the most capable technology, develop the most profound ego, however the connections still run deep within your soul. The very idea of an identity is made possible through the perception of separation. If we never perceived ourselves as being anything other than God, the Universe would simply not exist in the way that it does. The over-arching structure of manifested Unconditional Love connects all the substructures, and in-turn connects to every living thing in a life force of pure energy. If you were to close your eyes and recognize your Being as God, then your golden flow of life reverts back to the Source without there being a need to traverse a Universe of perceived separation.

An Archangel taught me this.

This is what it looked like.


We are the Oneness of every Universal Pattern in an organic structure of Light.


We are but a tiny ball of energy in a sea of consciousness called Unconditional Love. We live on a planet that is comprised of 71% water on the surface and yet we call it “Earth” because it is the only parts we are able to build and grow our civilizations upon. In the same way our Universe is surrounded by infinite arrays of Unconditional Love and yet we still call our existence Creation for we are yet to understand the full magnitude of our Being. Creation is but a small part of the multiverse. We are infinite in every possible way.


Something extraordinary happened when I went out a couple nights ago. Never in my life have I ever seen what I am witnessing in this one nightclub on the Gold Coast. I have visited clubs around the world, seen awe inspiring performances by famous DJs, the hottest Gogo girls in tight miniskirts on raised podiums, alcohol flowing through the place like a waterfall, and crowds absolutely lost in the music. But never a Demon dancing!

A new nightclub opened on the Gold Coast, Australia, called Club Liv. Right in the heart of the nightclub district of Surfers Paradise; a street notorious for the drunks, drugs, and damages charged the next day– a new upmarket venue decided to open its doors. Red carpets leading to the entrance, water fountains outside and a line stretching around the corner of the building; we knew we were about to enter Paradise. You enter the club up a neon-light staircase that lands you right next to the dance floor. The base is so heavy it’s beating your heart for you, the DJ is cradled up above the masses of people dancing in the night. Everybody is holding large glow sticks swinging them around in the air, creating a surreal buzz of light up against the the club’s infamous LED lined roof and walls; you almost feel like you just entered The Grid in Tron. A few cocktails later, you will truly believe you’re there.


When Demons Dance 1


The first time I walked into the place, it was a few months ago when it first opened up. A friend and I were sitting on a raised table right next to the dance floor. We decided to go check this new place out before the masses got there. We were casually chatting away when I suddenly felt these deep icy shivers crawling up the back of my spine. Just as my forehead started burning, I heard a voice from behind me, “What are you doing here?”

It was a very deep and darkened voice and as I turned around to see who it was, I was faced with the wall of the club. I was sitting with my back turned to the far wall of the dance floor and it was impossible for somebody to have been standing there. I briefly closed my eyes and tuned into the presence. Lo and behold a 7-8ft Demon was standing behind me.

The next thing he blurted out was, “Ha ha I’m just kidding. Welcome to the Club kid!” This magnificent Demon was for some reason prowling through the walls, silently watching the club’s nightly inhabitants.

It is extremely unusual for me to find this kind of creature lurking in a nightclub. I have seen dozens of negative spirits, hundreds of dark spiritual attachments and all manner of lost souls, but never a full-fledged Demon just hanging around. Something of this size and strength doesn’t just venture out to mingle with the local nightlife–especially here on Earth. These creatures were born warlords; blood was their wine and death was their art

Suddenly this beautiful blond bombshell in skin tight miniskirt, gorgeous face, and long platinum blond hair walked passed the table smiling at us. The Demon started laughing, his heavy voice distinctly amused, “It has been a pleasure seeing you in my club; however, it looks like the night’s entertainment just walked by.” and he starting walking off after her. She couldn’t have been the only reason he was here.



On the 21st of December 2012 I decided to go out with my best friend. I told him that there was nothing more I wanted to do than celebrate the End of the World with him by going out. He simply agreed, he wasn’t going to be in town much longer and he let me lead the way. We first went out for a coffee, then tried bar down the road, however it was absolutely pouring rain outside and the streets were empty. It wasn’t worth sticking around by ourselves. Before giving up, I told him that I visited this new club a few months ago and thought we should check it out. Perhaps people might be there.

The rain was thundering down upon us as ran across the street to Club Liv’s entrance. We rounded the corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the place still had a line outside! It was that busy even though everywhere else was dead. There were men walking around with umbrellas, escorting girls into the VIP line so they could get out of the rain. This place was either going to make or break our night. We entered the club and found ourselves back on The Grid.



The club was packed and we could barely even move. The Grid was alive and well even though the outside truly looked like the End of the World with all the severe thunderstorms. We managed to escape the outside world into this futuristic wonderland and we were now surrounded by gorgeous women. I had made the right decision.

We were dancing to the music in this out-of-the-world fantasia when I suddenly saw the Demon literally come out of nowhere and start dancing his way through the crowd. His body banging to the base, a full head above the crowd, laughing in his deep voice. He was truly enjoying himself! A Drakonian descendant, who looked like an off-shoot from the Royal Bloodline, having more fun than anybody else in the club. Simply amazing! I couldn’t help but smile, and the more it dawned on me I started laughing. My mind couldn’t comprehend what the thing was doing in here, especially a beast of that category. I decided to just roll with it. It was a matter of seconds before I followed him onto the dance floor with his infectious dancing.

The lights were flashing as time swirled us past more songs than I could keep track of. Bodies were heating up the dance floor, the DJ puppeteering all of us to his magical strings. For a brief second, I looked over at the Demon. His eyes were closed, his mind was already gone with the music. He was just soaking it all up into a pure state of mental ecstasy.

When Demons Dance 2

It was about 3:30AM before I finally found my way off. My friend was still grinding his way through a group of hot girls when I started thinking that this must have been the best End of the World celebration that could have ever happened. I was dancing in The Grid with my best friend and a Demonic Being. The world obviously hadn’t ended, if there is one thing I have learned; never believe in mass hype. It was the first time I truly just enjoyed the experience without a care in the world. My friend stumbled off the dance floor and shouted above the music, “THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!”, prompting us to just start laughing. The irony just flourishing by the infamous date that sparked the night into motion.

The night had swallowed us, the music had enlightened us, and our minds were still racing as we fell out onto the street. The rain had now stopped, leaving a soft, cool breeze in the air. The silence of the night was a stark contrast to our futuristic playground we had just come out of. I already knew this night was going to go down as legendary in my books.

Life is so much more interesting when you wake up to what is truly here. When demons dance the world opens a new doorway into the recognition of the soul.


Here in Life on Earth there are many significant realizations that we come across depending on the particular role we are playing in our human body. We may come to a very specific realization for no other reason than we feel it the highest level of knowledge for us to attain at that given moment in time. What varies the level of understanding we achieve often depends upon the level of consciousness that surrounds our planet and soul in a harmonious exchange. So if we were to tap into a higher form of consciousness, our level of understanding would reflect that higher vibratory nature.

The current level of humanity’s consciousness has reached a certain level of truth that we know as Enlightenment. Particular Masters, such as Buddha, incarnated down to pass on their teachings and give us the mental framework to understand what it means to achieve Enlightenment. However, what many ever rarely take into consideration is that there may be something further than these teachings, something more all-encompassing, something more enlightening than what the current level of understanding allows them to achieve. Levels of consciousness can be peeled away like layers of an artichoke, where by the time your find your way to the middle, all you are left with is a golden cream-colored core– some say is the most exquisite part!

The 6 Levels of Truth is a map leading out of the current state of humanity’s consciousness, and into some of the highest planes known to existence. I became aware of these truths throughout my spiritual journeys, however only recently ventured onto the 6th Level– thus inspiring me to write this article. It is important to understand that ALL of the Levels are indeed TRUE, and at no point in time is it possible for one of the Levels to be FALSE. The 6 Levels of Truth starts at the ground-point for the current level of consciousness of humanity, and keeps building up on top of each other with inter-connecting pathways. I am positive that there do exist higher levels of truth than what is described here; however, even the Ascended Masters will be wondering how I even got this high.


The 6 Levels of Truth

Level 1

The first level is what a majority of people on Earth are currently experiencing as “Enlightenment”. The people who are on Level 1 are those that have read a few spiritual, religious and philosophical books (Eastern Mysticism) and have now achieved a level of understanding where they genuinely feel they have attained a greater and more awakened perspective on Life than those around them. These are the people you find writing Self-help books, positive and proactive Blogs (Paid to Exist), and are now helping humanity in some way to achieve this incredible feat as well. Level 1 is by no means easy, these people have undergone much in their lives to spark this level of truth into their existence and they are by all means ahead of the current societal norms of our consciousness. People on this level often find humanity reaching out to them as they have attained a level of consciousness that will most recognizably pull them onto a new pathway of conscious living.


Level 2

The second level is one of spiritual endeavors and higher consciousness living. The people who call this level home are the ones who have gone further with their understanding for who they are and what they believe they are doing here. They are the ones who take aboard all the basic spiritual concepts such as reincarnation, consciousness, energy, even the existence of the ethereal world. They start to place themselves as a soul experiencing Creation unfolding as a spiritual event and this reflects into their spiritual lifestyles, like becoming a vegetarian, practicing yoga, meditating, and working towards initiating a greater spiritual journey throughout their lives. The people in this Level may not come out with it, but they are all the old souls who easily pick up and understand the spiritual world in all its beauty and complexity. They have moved a step beyond awakening and seek to reignite all these memories about spirituality.


Level 3

The third level is where the more all-encompassing seeds of knowledge such as Unconditional Love and Ascension starts coming into play. The people who manage to find their way here are more advanced than the current level of consciousness that society has drawn out for them. For some innate spiritual reason, they believe that their purpose on Earth is to Ascend and become One with the Universe through the powerful existence of Unconditional Love. They have learned to balance themselves and no longer perceive God as Higher Being looking down upon them, but rather as an incredibly uplifting and ecstatic existence within themselves and everything surrounding them in this Universe. They have a clear goal in Life and are actively working towards that achieving it in their predestined lifetime. They understand that they have an active purpose to fulfill on this planet and spend their lives acting in service to the rest of humanity. They are often very knowledgeable and loving and actively try demonstrate this through their actions towards others.


Level 4

The fourth level is where souls start viewing themselves as a Universal Witness to Creation unfolding. Whether they are in communication with Higher Beings or not, their level of universal understanding has evolved them to the point where they no longer look at life as an ordinary human being. They have surrendered to the forces of Life and Death and understand that Unconditional Love is their existence– it is not some concept they are trying to achieve– it is their reason for being. Life no longer attracts them and they find themselves looking towards higher pursuits to make recognizable differences in the level of consciousness around them. The souls on this level view the world as just another opportunity to express their Love and ability to nurture learning around them. When they look at the world, all they see is God, all they see is Oneness. This is the level where most Ascended Masters get to when their roles on Earth have come to an end. This was also the level that World of Archangels was written.


Level 5

The fifth level starts reaching beyond the Universe. Our Universe can be seen to be structured by 12 Dimensions– each with an infinite number of Dimensions within them. We live in an infinite existence housed within the most beautiful and powerful Creator in the field of Unconditional Love. But we are not the only one. We live in what is known as a multiverse, or the existence of multiple Creators– each with their own complete Universe. There are billions of Creators out there, and they were born from what I came to know as an even higher Source called Grandfather Source. Grandfather Source is a level of being that has no bounds, there aren’t any mental concepts I can point at to explain where our Creator was birthed into Unconditional Love, other than the fact that there exists an even greater Source of light. The beings on this level are Creators and collectively form part of the Collective Creator Consciousness (CCC). It is similar to the Collective Unconscious that we have surrounding our planet connecting all living things, but greatly expanded to now house the billions of Creators with Universes under their wings. The Beings on this level don’t think about anything less than constructing and deconstructing entire existences through the polarizations of their Universes. We currently live in a Universe that is roughly 50/50 polarized Light/Dark. There exist Creations that have 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, even 99:1 polarized ratios. Please refer to my article series The Creator for a more detailed overview.


Level 6

The sixth level delves into concepts so powerful that it will humble the average soul beyond the point of recognition. I only know of this Level of Truth because I was recently shown it by one of Creation’s caretakers and it will far surpass just about anything else I have taught.

There is an existence of Unconditional Love that is infinitely powerful and extends in an infinite number of directions. In this field, there is nothing to distinguish one section of it from another– there is only a unified field of Unconditional Love– until some kind of event occurs.

Imagine if you were to stand at the edge of a small pond and splash the water, to then run around to the other side of the pond and splash the water again. What you will have is one source of ripples coming from one side, another source of ripples coming from the other. The meeting point of both these ripples is what I want to concentrate on. Think about Unconditional Love as being gaseous in nature (purely symbolic), and that when two energetically grown ripples come into connection with each other, they form a cross-section in Unconditional Love that forms a drop of water falling through the gaseous field.

The liquid drop is symbolic; it’s suggesting it’s nature is exactly the same as the gaseous Unconditional Love, its form however is now slightly amended (think about steam going through the process condensation till you have a drop of water). That symbolic water drop is the entire multiverse of Universes as Creation as we know it. Grandfather Source is the Being who simply came into existence to become the slightly condensated drop of Unconditional Love. Grandfather Source is creating other Creators to collectively achieve Unconditional Love and then go on to create more Creators in their mirror image. The multiverse of Creators are simply existing to figuratively heat the water drop up till it turns back to steam– to reunify the ecstatic existence of Unconditional Love as a unified form.

With this level of spiritual understanding, we are not so much incarnated Creators going through life trying to learn how to become a Creator once more, but rather Beings of Unconditional Love who have come into existence to help Grandfather Source unify this precipitated droplet of a Universe back to the higher states of Unconditional Love once again. We come in, we learn, we remember, we create, we destroy, we evolve, we ascend, we transcend. Every time we achieve the Creator level, we are unifying Unconditional Love and effectively achieving what we came here to originally do.
One of my favorite scene from the movie Tron Legacy was when Flinn (Jeff Bridges) describes how he built his online world, when a “miracle” suddenly occurred.


Kevin Flynn: The Miracle…You remember. ISOs, isomorphic algorithms, a whole new life form.
Sam Flynn: And you created them?
Kevin Flynn: [Laughs] No, no. They manifested, like a flame. They weren’t really, really from anywhere. The conditions were right, and they came into being. For centuries we dreamed of gods, spirits, aliens, and intelligence beyond our own. I found them in here, like flowers in a wasteland. Profoundly naive; unimaginably wise. They were spectacular. Everything I’d hope to find in the system; control, order, perfection. None of it meant a thing. Been living in a hall of mirrors. The ISOs shattered it, the possibilities of their root code, their digital DNA. Disease? History! Science, philosophy, every idea man has ever had about the Universe up for grabs. Biodigital jazz, man. The ISOs, they were going to be my gift to the world.

Quote from Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges and Garret Hedlund.


The idea of Beings coming into Creation simply because there was an environment for them to exist within, is the heart and soul behind how/why the Universe got to the stage it currently exists. “Build it, and they will come.” When we start placing ourselves as individualized fields of Unconditional Love who came to help Grandfather Source, we become significantly humbled to everything that is going on in our world. I’ve been walking around, observing people through this new perception, beaming around with a smile of warming love, while looking at others thinking “What are you doing right now?” I started looking down upon Creation with a higher sense of purpose. It is like I am part of this exclusive club that just knows… Beings who finally understand why everything exists, why they are here playing a part in the Universe, emitting a source of energy that transcends any kind of self-indulgent behavior, a meaning only felt by those who finally understand the true nature of Unconditional Love. And it is all just impacting upon me in the most heightened way. If you thought being a Creator was ecstatic, imagine something so much more powerful that even a Creator would give everything up for it. It kind of sounds like Love!