If you are


for the

Meaning of Life,

then this is the
most important
book you will
ever read.

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World of Archangels follows the
self-realization process that Archangel Uriel
handcrafted for the sole purpose of awakening souls.

World of Archangels
is a spiritual masterpiece designed by Archangel Uriel that retraces the self-realization process that allows you to interact with some of the most influential Beings in this Universe.

Regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you are doing, this book contains Universal principles that will redefine your spiritual life. The book is filled with Enlightening meditations, Ancient wisdom and uplifting stories of ethereal encounters with the other side. Whether you are a beginner in this field or an old soul wiser than the day, World of Archangels will help you achieve the next level of your spiritual journey.

What will you


Practice ancient techniques to
blossom your spirituality
in true Unconditional


Discover the 12 Dimensions of the Universe that act as the foundation for Creator School.


Protect yourself from unwanted spirits and negative energies with powerful psychic defenses.


We have been taught we have only 7 Chakras. Unlock your Creator awakening with the powerful truth.

Each Chapter continues a powerful journey with descriptive meditations upon activating and cleansing the Chakras, raising the vibration of the human body, communing with ethereal beings, psychic self defense, healing and the ability to comprehend Life beyond the normal human perceptions– are all taught in a singular pattern that weaves your soul into a state of Enlightenment.

With self-realization in mind, World of Archangels aims to excel the spiritual aspirant onto a beneficial pathway of Enlightenment to empower your energetic body into accepting warming Unconditional Love in a beautiful play of Life and spirituality here on Earth.

Own your copy of one of the most unique spiritual books you will ever read! World of Archangels delivers the spiritual world to you in a heart warming and interactive way. I loved writing every single bit of it and I hope you immerse yourself in something your soul craves more than just about anything else on Earth.

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